iI hope to nspire you to get back in the kitchen and cook healthy whole food for yourself and your loved ones.  

iI hope to nspire you to get back in the kitchen and cook healthy whole food for yourself and your loved ones.  

I have a deep desire to demystify food and nutrition. I want you to enjoy health and energy in the body that you want! It's my passion to guide you to cleanse your body, burn the fat, and build your energy. I promise, you'll never want to feel or look any other way.

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How's your energy? Balance your weight, refresh your mental clarity and generate your vibrant energy with the latest recipes and wellness tips on the blog.

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My mission is to help people take control of their health so they feel better every day. To share nutritious plant based recipes in an easy and accessible way. To empower people to put their health first, because self care is not selfish. My hope is that there will be a spiral effect where collectively, the human race and the planet become healthier and sustainable.

Health Coaching

If you’re here, you’re ready. So let’s get started. Learn the 3 easy building blocks for a foundation of health. 

The Balanced You Plan I Two day Hands-on Private chef and Health Coaching.

This two day intensive program is 4 hours per day. It’s a hands-on, in-person plan, where we go healthy food shopping, learn how to read food labels, find out which aisles are healthy and what to avoid. It's a fridge and pantry makeover with private chef instruction in your kitchen to execute energy food recipes. 

*Requires that you're in New York City. 
*Optional one day, 4 hour intensive can be customized.


    It's easy as 1, 2, 3. Cleanse your body, burn the fat, and build your energy. You will never want to feel any other way.


    • Free Rawception Energy Ebook Module 1
    • Fridge Audit
    • Pantry Set Up
    • Health Food Grocery Shopping *Does not include cost of groceries.
    • Travel and Restaurant Tips
    • Private Chef Instruction your Home
    • 45 minute Complimentary Health History Session

    The perfect way to answer your all your questions, jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle and get introduced to many new recipes. Start now with the Health History Assessment here.

    Rawception E-books

    Enjoy the benefits from 32 chef-driven recipes, and important nutrition information from a practicing health coach.

    "I wrote the Rawception e-books to share my system." Nicolle Kate

    All Recipes are free of dairy, gluten, processed sugar, animal products, eggs, wheat, soy, and trans fats. Shop e-books here!

    Do you want to look and feel your best?

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    Hi, I'm Nicolle Kate - I'm a classically trained raw vegan chef and certified health coach. I truly care about the state of people’s health on every level. My journey started with my experiment to observe the effects of whole food, super food and super-herb lifestyle on my fifty-something body. I've shared a bunch of recipes and health tips on my blog to show how I got my youthful energy back.

    I developed my 3-tep a day way of life to cleanse my body, burn the fat, and build my energy. And I don't ever want to look or feel any other way. Could it be a way to hit the pause button on aging? Can we use nutrition as ammunition against diseases? 

    My passion is sharing energy healthy recipes and demystifying nutrition information. You can find this information in my e-books and through my health coaching programs to guide every body to a healthier and happier life. When you get healthier, the world becomes a healthier place.  About Nicolle Kate →


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    Where Energy Goes, Energy Grows. Are you ready to generate some energy, reach your best weight, gain your confidence back, and create your healthiest you?

    Rawception e-books will give you all the information and motivation you need to begin your transformation with energy food. Shop the e-books here.

    Rawception Health Coaching will help you reach your personal health goals with three programs to fit your needs. Find out which plan is best for you.