My Journey

To My Healthiest Self.

I've shared a bunch of recipes and health tips on my blog to show how I got my youthful energy back after a midlife divorce. I found out it wasn’t about my age or size, but about feeling vibrant energy, refreshing my mental clarity, and boosting my immunity.

My passion is empowering and guiding mature women to their ideal weight and youthful energy through my health coaching programs and e-book series. My mission is to provide a safe space for you to share goals, experiences, hopes, and fears, as we journey through the transformation process.

My goal is to inspirie and encourage women, particularly at midlfe, to take back their power
over their health with self care practices. And I’ll teach you how to prepare quick, delicious, and nutritious recipess for practical hands-on know-how.

Learn how I got here; from being a mom to spirulina, and everything in between.

I felt a call to express my authenticy but I didn’t know quite know how until I turned my focus inward. I wanted to live up to my potential. and become my highest self. I needed to learn how to cleanse my body, generate my youthful energy and increase my mental clarity so I could help others do the same.

I firmly believed that the portal or entry point to all modalities of health and wellness is through plant food. I always believed that eating “close to the ground” keeps us connected to nature and our source. For me, eating oganic, plants from the earth’s soil is powerfully healing and transformative.

It was time to employ my passion for nutrition, food and the culinary arts as a profession to help myself and others. I attended both a vegan culinary school and (IIN) the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

After my certifications, I was quickly hired a chef instructor at an internationally acclaimed plant-based, culinary academy in Los Angeles and started my health coaching practice. This website was born from that alchemy. And while there was a time when I only ate raw vegan food I now enjoy cooked food too. I hope you’ll be inspried by browsing through the recipes, blogs and ebooks…and that you’ll stay awhile.
xo nk

I was brought up in the midwest in the early 1960's on the standard American diet (SAD) of meat-and-potato style meals. Our family dinner always left me feeling sluggish and heavy but I never questioned what my mother put on the table.

So I ate my way somewhat blindly through my teens. In my twenties and thirties, then married with two children, I became more aware of my health and that of my family. I began buying only organic produce, making homemade baby food and upgrading traditional recipes to healthier versions.
I loved my time in the kitchen preparing food with love and intention.

After my children left for college, my marriage of 26 years fell apart and my fashion career had almost completely draiined my spirit. Had my life just been on autopilot? Why were there so many disconnects happening all at once? What wasn't I payed attention to? I needed to find some answers and that’s where my journey began.

My diet needed another upgrade to restore my original vitality and aliveness.
I wanted my youthful enthusiasm back, and my sparkle too, which had always been the essense of me. After all, I was 48 and back in the dating world after a long marriage. I wanted to feel confident and look effortlessly glowing and put together.


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