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Raw Vegan Green Ice Cream with Tonic Herbs and Superfoods

Raw Vegan Green Ice Cream with Tonic Herbs and Superfoods

Today I had a new piece of furniture delivered. I get excited when a delivery truck pulls up with something I need.

At mid-life, what I need to receive more than anything, is nutritionally dense food. I'm conscious to make every calorie deliver a powerful superfood punch. This tonic herb ice cream is a delicious and creamy delivery-vehicle for kale, spinach, broccoli, blue-green algae and spirulina. These green superfoods contain protein, calcium, chlorophyll, enzymes, omega 3's and a host of vitamins and minerals to cleanse, energize, and combat fatigue. The tonic herbs' bitter flavors are disguised in this sweet delicious ice cream. 

I make tonic teas and tonic smoothies daily to help me to adapt to life's daily stresses. They help me look and feel younger. My goal is to fuel my body like an athlete to help me race through busy days. This should probably be called super energy ice cream. I just call it super delicious. 

Superfood Green Ice Cream Recipe


Liquid Base
1 C any flavor kombucha or coconut water

2 C ice
1 tsp. coconut oil, melted to liquid
1 tsp. spirulina
1 E3-Live (blue green algea) ice cube*
2 C spinach
1 C kale
¼ C broccoli
½ - 1 frozen banana, sliced
2 C frozen mango, sliced
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp.. cinnamon
1/2 -1  full dropper butterscotch stevia
Pinch Salt

Tonic Hebs Add-Ins
1 dropper "Dragon Herbs" Astragalus
1 dropper "Dragon Herbs" Wild Reishi Mushroom
1 dropper "Dragon Herbs" Schizandra-Goji tincture
2 Tbs."Dragon Herbs" Tonic Alchemy powder
1 Tbs "Dragon Herbs", Brazilian magic powder

Garnish Ingredients
Handful of goji berries, white mulberries, sprinkle of bee pollen or hemp seeds. 


Kale, spinach, broccoli, blue-green algae and spirulina are the super foods that make this delicious green ice cream.  The Vitamix blender is the best tool to make this green  ice cream smooth and creamy!


The only difference between an ice cream and a smoothie is the amount of frozen component (ice) that goes in the blender. Any soothie can become a ice cream for a smoothie bowl. A Vitamix blender is necessary for this type of ice cream because it's essential to tamper the ice cream constantly while it's blending. 

  1. Blend the ingredients slowly to incorporate, then gradually increase the blender speed to finish on high speed.

  2. Continuously plunge the tamper with quick firm motions until the ice cream becomes thick and creamy. Scoop into a bowl or glass halfway, sprinkle with a handful of goji berries, scoop remainder to the top. Sprinkle with bee pollen, goji berries, dried white mulberries or langon berries.


  • I like to use kombucha as a base to my Juice Bar recipes. Save money and make your own kombucha at home! I show you how to make easy and delicious, homemade kombucha in the e-books. Get the best kombucha recipe in Book 3.
  • E3-Live blue green algea liquid comes frozen at whole foods. Defrost frozen E3-Live liquid and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Use 1 cube per smoothie or ice cream. See below to shop this recipe.

Shop the Recipe

  • HERBS: An amazing resource for high quality, pure and ethically-sourced herbs that I love is www.dragonherbs.com.
  • ALGEA: This is the premier source of blue green algea (E3LIVE) from Lake Klamath in Oregon. I like to support American resources because it has a lower carbon footprint. 
Goji berries make a healthy chewy topping on the green superfood ice cream.

Goji berries make a healthy chewy topping on the green superfood ice cream.

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