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I share energy food recipes and build health coaching programs to balance weight, refresh mental clarity and generate vibrant energy for every body.

I’m passionate about inspiring you to become your healthiest you. Find wellness wisdom on my blog here.

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Upgrade Yourself

Upgrade Yourself

Did you buy a seat in coach but hope for an upgrade to business class for a long journey? Are you limping along with an old cell phone waiting to qualify for upgrade? When it comes to your diet it's all about upgrades and there's no reason to wait or leave it to chance.

When we know better we can do better. These are all small but important upgrades that makes a big difference in your energy and overall health. So start your personal journey by upgrading yourself for all of life's destinations!

Top 12 upgrades

  1. Upgrade from soda or fruit juice to vegetable juice or a green smoothie.
  2. Upgrade from diary milk to almond milk or hemp seed milk.
  3. Upgrade your sweetener from fructose corn syrup or processed white sugar to coconut sugar, date sugar, date syrup, coconut nectar, agave, maple syrup  or raw honey.
  4. Upgrade from white or wheat pasta to zucchini noodles or kelp noodles.
  5. Upgrade from raisins and cranberries to goji berries, white mulberries and golden berries.
  6. Upgrade from canned vegetables to certified organic fesh  produce.
  7.  Upgrade from canola or vegetable oils to olive, sesame, coconut or grape seed oils.
  8. Upgrade from peanut butter to raw almond, pecan, walnut or hazelnut butters.
  9. Upgrade from wheat bread to gluten free, sprouted bread or raw bread.
  10. Upgrade your negative friends to positive people.
  11. Upgrade tap water or water in plastic bottles to spring water in glass bottles.
  12. Upgrade entitlement to gratitude.
Secret Sea Smoothie

Secret Sea Smoothie

Cheerful Chia.

Cheerful Chia.