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Tri-Color Crackers

Tri-Color Crackers

I don’t like waste; never really have. I started recycling newspapers and plastic in college in 1980 because I wanted to do something good for the planet and it was my little contribution. 
I realized that many things have nine lives. The challenge is to remember to get resourceful and try to repurpose an old thing into something new.

Every time I juice at home, I feel terrible throwing the fibrous vegetable pulp in the garbage. I can hear the voice in my head say “I should make something out of this pulp” but I either run out of time or get lazy and never do, Until now. And after how amazing these crackers taste and quick they are to make, I’ll recycle my juice pulp from now on!

Juice Pulp Crackers

I juice the same color veggies for uniform color pulp, but if all the veggie colors mix together that’s cool too!


3 C vegetable pulp from juicing
2 1/2 C spring water


1 Tbs. olive oil
1 Tbs. nutritional yeast
1 Tbs. psyllium husk
1 Tbs. flax meal, freshly ground
¼ C raw buckwheat flour (or any non gluten flour)
¼ C sprouted sunflower seeds
¼ C sprouted pumpkin seeds
¼ C chia seeds
¼ C flax seeds
¼ C sesame seeds
¼ C fennel seeds


  • In a high speed blender mix the pulp and water until smooth.
  • Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  • Add in all remaining ingredients.
  • With a plastic spatula, stir by hand until the batter is thick enough to spread on a non stick sheet.
  • Scoop ½ the batter onto a non-stick dehydrator mat or a baking “silpat” mat.
  • With a pastry spatula, spread the batter until flat and 1/8 -1/4 inch thick. Perforate smooth batter into squares if you prefer square crackers or you can just break crackers into rustic shapes after cooking. You will need two mats.
  • Dehydrate for 4 hours, then flip crackers onto a mesh dehydrator tray and peel away nonstick mat and continue to dehydrate overnight at 115 degrees.

  • **Alternately, bake crackers in the over on a “silpat” mat at 300 degrees until crispy.
  • **Optonal: smash an avocado and sprinkle with sea salt and eat on crackers!
Tropical Bowl

Tropical Bowl