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Tropical Bowl

Tropical Bowl

I see acai bowls all over social media and I've tried not to jump on the smoothie bowl bandwagon, but I made a smoothie bowl the other day, my super-food, super-herb kinda way, and I thought it was worth sharing. Why? Because this version is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and iron.

There are 3 crucial Omega 3's that our body's need for optimum health. ALA, DHA & EPA. 
ALA is only from plant sources like the hemp, chia, flax seeds and nuts in this bowl.
DHA and EPA are found Sea Algae and certain fish (salmon) 

Omega 3's have so many vital health benefits such as reducing heart disease, depression, arthritis, inflammation, and much more.

This bowl contains 3 sea algae: Spirulina, Chlorella and Marine phytoplankton - high sources of DHA and EPA. And Spirulina is the highest protein food on the planet at 70% protein. Need I say more?

Base Ingredients
1 frozen banana
1 C frozen pineapple
1 C ice
2 tsp. marine phytoplankton powder
2 tsp. chlorella powder

Optional Super Foods
1 tsp. maca powder
1 tsp. lucuma powder

Optional Super Herbs
1 dropper ginseng
1 dropper astragalus
1 dropper schizandra


  • Build blender in order of ingredients.
  • Start with a little less liquid to be sure the smoothie is thick.
  • Pour smoothie into a shallow bowl.
  • Decorate with chia, hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, fresh fruit/berries, almonds, dried mulberries. 
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