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Kitchen Sink Sushi

Kitchen Sink Sushi

I love sushi! Every kind. I love raw vegan rolls, cooked vegan rolls and on occasion, raw salmon (sake) sashimi and spicy salmon rolls. I skip other types of fish and shellfish because I don’t ever eat them.

I was very motivated to practice making sushi rolls a long time ago so I could eat it often and anytime I craved sushi at home.  Raw and vegan rolls are my favorite to make and eat. I use up whatever I have in the fridge. I make a game of it in my head to see how resourceful I can be creating delicious and beautiful rolls with miscellaneous veggies and left over rice or steamed veggies that I can mash as rice.  I keep winning the game and so can you. This roll pictured is very basic but colorful and easy to create.


1 avocado, smashed
1 C left over cauliflower “rice”, brown rice, or steamed squash, sweet potato, broccoli to use in place of rice.
½ sliced mango
½ cucumber, seeded and julienned
1 C broccoli, small chop
1 C yellow peppers, julienned
1 C purple cabbage, chopped
1 handful of fresh herbs
1 C baby spinach leaves
½ C pickled ginger


  • Place the nori wrap on a wooden roller
  • Spoon a layer of smashed avocado at the top of the nori
  • Layer mashed veg or rice covering the bottom 1/3 of the nori
  • Layer all other ingredients on top., leafy greens at the top to cover.
  • Hold the bottom one third of nori sheet and veggies gently with your hands and give it a quick roll over until all the vegetables at the bottom have disappeared inside the first part of the roll. This takes practice and is the key to a successful sushi roll.
  • Gently squeeze the part you just rolled and push toward you with the wooden roller.
  • Roll the rest of the way until the avocado seals the roll.
  • Place roll on a cutting board and cut in two equal lengths, then cut each half in three pieces.Dip in coconut aminos, nama shoyu or soy sauce and wasabi. 
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