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Butter Me Up

Butter Me Up

Rarely in life can just one thing; one single element change everything. Last year I was suddenly a single woman in a sea of other middle aged unmarried women in Los Angeles. Thinking; Oh no,  just what the world needs; another fifty something single woman! I decided to take some time to myself and focus on my new career. And boom! when I wasn't looking, I met my match! It only takes one specific person, one important item, one perfect ingredient and life can change; just like that!

The magnitude of creating the perfect one ingredient nut butter is admittedly slightly less than finding that one perfect life partner, however it's always had a significant place in my heart. As a kid in the 60's, it was a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich that I wanted every day. 

Now with raw and vegan cuisine as my specialty, it's raw, unpasturized almond butter, pecan butter or pumpkin seed butter that I want! One handful of nut or seeds can make the difference between having this luscious, creamy, dreamy spreadable loveliness, or not! 

Raw Almond Butter with Raw Strawberry-Goji Berry Jam. 

Like most recipes, the best quality organic ingredients are imperative but equally critical is the process for blending nuts into butter. Hands down, the food processor creates the best consistency nut butters without having to add any oils, sweeteners, or salt.

To make nut or seed butter process 2 cups nuts for 8-9 minutes, pause to scrape down the sides of the pro-cessor bowl every 2-3 minutes and voila! The oils are released and you'll have velvety ribbons of buttery-ness! 

Your nut butter will stay fresh in the frig for about 10 days.              
TIP 2 Cups of nuts yields one cup butter.

PS. I Love You

PS. I Love You

Terrific Turmeric

Terrific Turmeric