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Island Inspired

Island Inspired

I had the good fortune of being invited on a girls trip with some of my dearest friends to the Turks and Caicos Islands. I love the camaraderie of being with amazing and dynamic women of substance who know how to sustain true friendships spanning many years and many of life's changes. 

These ladies are the brain trust of the last five years of my life. That said, we still carry on like young girls calling each other our long standing nicknames; Scoobie, Scule, Speeda and Scrappy. 

Scoobie, has a beautiful zen house on Pine Cay; an exquisite, pristine and practically deserted island with a spattering of homes and one small hotel. It's the perfect serene spot to gather thoughts, process life and just be. Which we all did, along with long, beach power walks, long, beach power talks and lots of good food and bubbly. How can you go wrong? 

One of the most fun things was when one of the hotel staff scaled up the side of a palm tree and cut down young green coconuts for us to drink fresh coconut water. Iit was amazingly delicious!


Coconut water is possibly the most nutritious drink offered up by Mother nature. Here are the TOP 10 coconut water health benefits you might not know.

1. Low in calories (40 cal in 8oz.)
2. Choleterol and fat free
3. Four times more potassium
than bananas by weight
4. Aids in appetite suppression
5. Moisturizes the skin
6. Contains five  essential electrolytes that are in the body

7. High in fiber / aids digestion
8. Reduces the occurrence of
acid reflux
9. Reduces blood pressure
10 Perfectly hydrates the body because it's isotonic (the same pressure) as our human blood, plasma, tears, lymph and other body fluids. Okay, one more! Rich in nutrients

Terrific Turmeric

Terrific Turmeric

80/20 in 2015

80/20 in 2015