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Travelling Tips

Travelling Tips

I love to travel but the nutritional pitfalls are ever present. It takes a bit of planning before packing your bags to maintain a healthy diet regime on the road. I can concede organic produce but I don’t want to compromise my daily intake of living enzymes, vitamin and minerals for healthy digestion and energy flow on the road. 

Here are a few tips for healthy travel!

Packing Your Bags

1. Probiotic supplements.  (any shelf stable probiotic brand)
2. Powdered super-food and herbs to add to smoothies or juices.
3. Organic vita-mineral green powder to mix into tea or juice. 
4. Matcha green tea powder for antioxidant tea on the go.
5. Vitamin / mineral supplements. 
6. Chinese medicinal herb tinctures to add to tea, juice or smoothies.
7. Pack sprouted nuts, seeds and dried fruit for the plane.

Eating In Restaurants
Chef’s happily accommodate allergy and diet needs so don't hesitate to ask.

1. Ask chef to substitute butter for olive oil, creamy sauces for tomato based sauce, and heavy dressings for light vinaigrettes. 
2. Delete meat and cheese and inquire about adding mushrooms, avocado, wild caught fish or other plant based options.
3. Request brown rice, quinoia, lentils, chickpeas, or lettuce wraps instead of white rice, potatoes, pasta, bread or flour tortillas.
4. Search online in advance to locate juice bars or organic cafe's near your destination.
5. Order organic raw vegetable salads and fruit salads whenever possible.

 Happy Trails!  

After getting my bearings at the largest hotel in Las Vegas, I surveyed the restaurant options and quickly understood the food-scape. Balance is hard to find in Sin City. High or Low. Sinner or Saint. Most food that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.  Junk food abounds with only a few healthy offerings at a price from the most upscale restaurants where fresh herb gardens flank the entrance. I was lucky to stumble upon an odd little food-court-yogurt-candy shop that happened to make fresh green juices to order. An anomaly.

Fast Food

Fast Food

Kitchen Sink Sushi

Kitchen Sink Sushi