Drink up! The top 15 reasons you should drink water every day.

Do you ever experience dry skin, constipation or sleepiness. These are all symptoms of dehydration. Our bodies are 75% water and need at least 3-5 tall glasses of spring water every day. There are so many health benefits of staying properly hydrated and I share them here, plus two delicious, quick and hydrating drink recipes that you'll want in your hydration repertoire. So drink up while you read all about it!

"Be Mine" Linzer Cookies

These cookies are super special to present to your love. It’s a very fun craft project creating these sweets for your sweet, not to mention they’re delicious and beautiful. I imagine this recipe could be baked in the oven as well, however I’ve never done it so if anyone does, I’d love to know the results! Remember to love yourself first, then pass it on, because there’s never enough love to go around.

PS. I Love You

Both grapefruit and oranges are high in Vitamin C and A, high in dietary fiber and one orange or grapefruit has only about 50 calories, depending on size!  It's also a delicious way to replace processed sugar with natural sugar!