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Guide to Hack a Junk Food Store

Guide to Hack a Junk Food Store

I was in Miami with my boyfriend watching his son run the Miami half marathon. It was a uncharacteristic Miami day. It was windy, raining, and cold, around 40 degrees. After the race we called an uber to drive us back to our hotel in South Beach. The roads were blocked and the traffic was gridlock so we had to wait about 45 minutes for the uber to get to us.

We took refuge in a 7-Eleven convenience store to get out of the wind and cold while we waited. I was cold and hungry and needed something warm to drink. I made it a challenge to hack this junk food store for something healthy. I was searching for the most nutritious snack I could find, not necessarily the tastiest, but the vegan cookie I settled on, was indeed tasty.

How to choose the best snack in a 7-Eleven convenience store.

Healthy-ish packaged Snacks at 7-Eleven.

Lenny & Larry's Complete Vegan Lemon Cookie. This lemon cookie is not too sweet and the texture is nice. It does contain processed sugar but no animal products. The calories were reasonable for the portion. This is what I would recommend in a pinch at a convenience store. 
Luna Lemon Zest Bar. This lemon zest Luna bar is a healthy choice. It's low in calories and high in protein. 
Nuts and Dried Fruit packs. This shelf at 7-Eleven holds the healthiest options. The puffed pea chips near the bottom are another good choice. 
Detour Bar. Another option for high protein.
Go Smart Sprouted Chips. These chips contain healthy plant protein and some nutrients from seeds and sprouts.

Unhealthy packaged snacks to avoid at 7-Eleven.

Doritos. These contain high sodium and high carb plus lots of ingredients I can't pronounce and artificial food coloring.
Cracker Jacks. An old favorite from my childhood but high sugar and high carbs.
Pop Tarts. These are very unhealthy. Trans fats, high sugar and high carbs.
Packaged Cookie Shelf.  All are but high sugar and high carbs.
Pretzels. High sugar and high carbs.
Freezer Section. These all contain trans fats, high sugar and high carbs
Dips and Chips. The dips are all very high in calories and contain trans fats and sugar. The chips are all Doritos (see above) 

Break the unhealthy Junk food cycle.

If you want to break your junk food junkie habit, check out this article about healthy snacks by Dr. Frank Lipman, a top functional medicine doctor in NYC. 

The Rawception Book 1, 7-day diet plan for lots of deliciously, simple recipes to build a healthy lifestyle. 

The Ultimate Snack Recipe to Travel with.

 Energy Bar Superfood Squares 

Energy Bar Superfood Squares 

My favorite snack to bring when I am on the go and travelling are these Super Energy Squares.

I always carry these in my purse everywhere I go.


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