Hi, I'm Nicolle Kate

I share energy food recipes and build health coaching programs to balance weight, refresh mental clarity and generate vibrant energy for every body.

Learn About The 5 Pillars of Rawception: Inception. Perception. Exception. Reception. Rawception.

Learn About The 5 Pillars of Rawception: Inception. Perception. Exception. Reception. Rawception.

Join the Rawception for lots of healthy delicious recipes, wellness wisdom and nutrition tips. 

Rawception | Mindfulness

Fueling my body and mind with energy food is a gift I give myself every day. It allows me to take care of others and appreciate life’s gifts. I call them the “5-F’s”! Family, food, friends, fulfillment and fun! I believe that food is energy, food is medicine, and food is love! I believe in the bounty that Mother Earth provides. I believe in choosing simplicity over multipiplicity, and I believe in the power of the present moment.

Perception | Awareness

After careers in both advertising and fashion, I understand, well, the power of image, external beauty and youth. My ambition to create beautiful images, while once exciting, eventually felt vacant, like junk food devoid of nutrition. I was searching for a more meaningful life both inside and out. My health journey began in earnest in my forties experimenting with what diet made me look great, but more importantly, feel my best.. By fifty, I had shifted to a plant based, mainly raw food diet. What followed was a physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse resetting not only my taste buds but my liver and digestive functions, helping me to experience the concept of food as fuel and medicine. Today my physical and metaphysical self is aligned. I apply my “inside out” approach to my work as well as all aspects of my life.

Inception | Restart Life

At 55, I find myself experiencing one amazing, plant food journey. I have zero time to waste and no interest in negative energy or ever eating another land animal. I’m eternally fascinated by the science of plant food as fuel and medicine. Plant food has been a powerful source of generating my youthful energy not to mention, it’s effects on longevity.

Exception | Originality

As a professional plant based chef and certified health coach, my passion is to share the benefits of delicious whole food plant based recipes to guide every body to their optimal weight and vitality. My experiment is to see what effects a plant based diet has on the aging process. Could it be a way to hit the pause button?

Reception | Receiving

What is the Rawception? It’s a daily celebration. It’s sharing love, life experiences, and recipes for happiness, balance, mental clarity and youthful energy at every age! It’s taking time each day to appreciate the mini life, that is today. I invite you to join me and follow the Rawception!

You're Invited to join the Rawception

What: Embracing each day as our healthiest self
Who: You and I making energy food recipes for youthful energy.
Where: Wherever you are in this present moment.
When: Everyday single day! 

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