Book 1: The Basics of Energy Food

Book 1: The Basics of Energy Food


Book 1 Includes

* Rawception’s Philosophy
* Commonly Asked Questions Why Raw Food?
* 80/20 Alkaline-Acid Food Guide
* The 80/20 rule for a balanced body ecology:
* Symptoms of Excess Acid Waste
* Travelling Tips
* Hacking Restaurant Menus
* Tips to Maintain you Weight Away from Home
* Tips to avoid the pitfalls of Dining Out.
* Tips for Basic Healthy Choices
* Recipe Reading Troubleshooting Recipes
* Troubleshooting Tips for Plant-Based Recipes
* Flavor Balancing
* Hoe to Organize Your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer
* Four Easy Steps
* Batch Cooking
* Basic Pantry Set Up
* 10 life changing recipes
* 7-day Elimination Diet and Food Guide
7-Day Elimination Diet
* 7-Day Diet Guide Organic is best Grocery List
* Restaurant Guidelines
* Hacking Restaurant Menus

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More about what’s in Book 1

Get a Fresh Start

Book 1 shows you how simple it is to make real energy food, cleanse your system, balance your weight and boost your energy? The 7-day Elimination Diet Guide will break your sugar cravings and reset your taste buds making healthy choices more and more effortless. It points to any trigger foods that may be making you unwell. The menu plan can be customized to suit your limitations and preferences. The travel tips and restaurant dining menu hacks help you maintain your momentum while away from your kitchen.

Why is it important to understand basic health Information?

Learning basic health information builds foundational diet practices that will become your solid base to build upon. Like the foundation of a house, you need to make sure this solid base is strong to support the boost of vitality you will experience by following the program. If your base is wobbly, the energy boost will be hard to balance. So remember, learning the basic health information is an essential step!

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How does this book help me become my healthiest self?

You will probably want to jump straight into the 10 delicious and colorful, easy-to-make recipes and experience core energy ASAP. Remember that there is also so much more in Book 1!

The important nutrition information and wellness wisdom will empower you to make healthy decisions effortlessly. There is also a 7-day elimination diet guide. This guide shows you which foods may be making you feel unwell. There is a 7-day menu plan included and it can be customized to suit your mood, taste buds, and accessibility to your kitchen! Finally, the full list of travel and restaurant dining tips will help you maintain your momentum while away from your kitchen.