Book 1

Book 1


Get a Boost of Energy

Book 1 is all about learning the building blocks for generating core energy and losing weight. The book is the same one used in my private health coaching practice. I’ve made it convenient for you to use them at home; without the cost of my professional health coaching services.

Wondering Why This Book is for You?

You want more energy and you want to turn back your biological age regardless of your chronological age! Finding a healthy balance isn’t about a number like your age or your size. Feeling like your best self is about feeling beautiful from the inside. Learn deliciously simple recipes and kitchen tricks. You’ll be experiencing youthful energy, elevated mood, mental clarity and balanced weight in no time.


  • 10 Delicious and Easy Chef-Driven Recipes

  • Important Nutrition Information

  • 7-Day Menu Plan

  • 7-Day Elimination Diet Guide

  • Printable Grocery List

  • Restaurant and Travel Tips

  • Pantry and Fridge Set Up

  • Simple Wellness Wisdom


  • All recipes are FULL of flavor, vitality, nutrition and color.

  • All recipes are FREE of dairy, gluten, processed sugar, animal products, eggs, wheat, soy, and trans fats.

Do you need more energy? You can turn back your biological age; regardless of your chronological age.

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Why You Need to Learn Basic Health Information.

Learning basic health information builds foundational diet practices that will become your solid base to build upon. Like the foundation of a house, you need to make sure this solid base is strong to support the boost of vitality you will experience by following the program. If your base is wobbly, the energy boost will be hard to balance. So remember, learning the basic health information is an essential step!

Book 1
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But How does this Book Help Me Become my Best Self?

You will probably want to jump straight into the 10 delicious and colorful, easy-to-make recipes and experience core energy ASAP. Remember that there is also so much more in Book 1!

The important nutrition information and wellness wisdom will empower you to make healthy decisions effortlessly. There is also a 7-day elimination diet guide. This guide shows you which foods may be making you feel unwell. There is a 7-day menu plan included and it can be customized to suit your mood, taste buds, and accessibility to your kitchen! Finally, the full list of travel and restaurant dining tips will help you maintain your momentum while away from your kitchen.

If you’ve tried other diets that weren’t sustainable and you’re not sure where to begin again. Start here.


Book 1 is a recipe and health guide to help you boost your energy. You get more energy, you release weight and you boost your confidence.

You can customize the plan to suit your mood, taste buds and accessibility to your kitchen. The restaurant dining and travel tips will help you maintain your momentum while away from your kitchen.
— Nicolle Kate

Book 1 | The Basics of Energy Food

Learn basic health information, quick and simple recipes and build foundational diet practices.

This wellness guide is filled with recipes and pictures to inspire and instruct you. It’s an easy-to-follow 7-day diet and nutrition guide packed with information designed by Nicolle Kate. Nicolle is a certified health coach and professional plant-based chef. Her diet program will cleanse your system and taste great.



It’s an adventure to become healthy, energized and looking great with Nicolle Kate’s eBooks. I lost 11 pounds in 10 days and my digestion and energy improved dramatically. Don’t miss your chance to take this positive life changing journey with Nicolle Kate.
— Ellen Sandor / Artist and Founder, Artn
Nicolle Kate is a creative mastermind at helping people realize better living and longevity. She is caring, pragmatic and honestly wants nothing more than to help people live better lives through better nutrition and lifestyle. Her program is life changing and I rarely give recommendations but, I recommend Nicolle to everyone in the know because its changed my life for the better.
— John Mautner / CEO, The Cycle Of Success Institute
Module 1 is all about developing good habits and setting a solid base for long lasting lifestyle changes! - Nicolle Kate

Get a Fresh Start

Book 1 shows you how simple it is to make real energy food, cleanse your system, balance your weight and boost your energy? The 7-day Elimination Diet Guide will break your sugar cravings and reset your taste buds making healthy choices more and more effortless. It points to any trigger foods that may be making you unwell. The menu plan can be customized to suit your limitations and preferences. The travel tips and restaurant dining menu hacks help you maintain your momentum while away from your kitchen.

Developing Good Habits

Why do I need to learn the basics first?
The basics is all about developing good habits. You learn to equip yourself in the kitchen and practice your set of new health tricks. You set up your pantry, you stock your fridge properly, you learn quick delicious recipes. Book 1 is also an introduction to some ingredients you may have never heard of before. This prepares you for the advanced energy momentums in Book 2 and 3.

Think with a Beginner’s Mind

What do I need to learn the basics?
First you need a mindset. A beginner’s mind is when you approach something new with an attitude of openness, without preconceptions. Being open-minded is essential to unravel, rewind and relearn how to nourish yourself. It takes intuition to question the status quo. It requires self-love to create a new healthy lifestyle. It takes dedication to dive into the basics to build the solid foundation, of which all other knowledge and skills build upon.

Practice Makes Perfect

How do I learn the basics?
Learn the basics by applying what you learn as soon as you learn it. With practice and experience your habits will change. The Rawception recipe ebooks provide practical hands-on tricks to make your own healthy meals and a guide to the common trigger foods to eliminate for 7 days.


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Get Organized

Why do I need to set up and organize my pantry, fridge, and freezer? Organizing your pantry is like cleaning out your closet, garage or attic. Getting rid of old belongings that no longer suit you or your lifestyle. Creating an organized and clean closet makes getting dressed more efficient and fun; it’s the same idea with food. Your pantry, fridge, and freezer are your food closets. Purging all the unhealthy, expired and processed foods that no longer serve you is empowering and sets you up to succeed.

How does setting up my fridge and pantry help me?

Ready to eat healthy fast-foods, like washed and cut vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, and meals prepared-in-advance, are the basis of healthy eating. it’s just too easy to grab something that you might regret because you were hungry and it was quick. Setting up your kitchen is like setting up your health infrastructure. An orderly kitchen is an orderly mind. It allows space for healthy habits to become food rituals. Rituals give a deeper meaning to your new lifestyle. They prepare you for turning back the clock in Module 2 and building immunity in Module 3.

Four Easy Steps

  1. TAKE everything out of the fridge and pantry shelves. Everything!
  2. CLEAN the inside of your fridge and wipe down all pantry shelves.
  3. REPLACE only the fresh, healthy food items, in a logical, neat and orderly way so you can easily see what you have on-hand at a glance. For instance, grouping like-items makes finding ingredients faster.
  4. TOSS everything else. Yes, it will be painful at first, but it will feel great later! You could also give your unhealthy processed food to someone you don’t like.

Is this book for you?

Book 1 is for
 YOU if:

  • You want vibrant energy
  • You want improved results at work
  • You want to gain more self-confidence
  • You want peace of mind
  • You're determined to fit into your clothes better

Book 1 is
NOT for you if:

  • Your health is not a priority
  • You don’t have 5 minutes to make a smoothie
  • You live for the afternoon slump
  • You think feeling great is overrated
  • You gave up on your skinny jeans

Book 1 | The Basics of Energy Food 

Book 1
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Included in Book 1:

  • 30 colorful pages of Nicolle's best tips and recipes that  introduce you to the Rawception diet plan.
  • 10 deliciously simple chef driven recipes for generating instant energy.
  • Nutrition information from a professional health coach.
  • 1-week diet guide to organize your meals.
  • 80/20 acid-alkaline food guide.
  • Grocery list for all recipes.
  • Travel tips.
  • Restaurant dining know-how.
  • Pantry and fridge set up.
  • Rawception health philosophy.

Do I need the basics before Book 2 if I already experiment with plant-based foods?

Book 1 is full of unique and fun recipes that are not in Book 2 or Book 3. It's good to have a variety of recipes to make your new lifestyle fun and exciting. Also, before building any energy, you need a solid foundation of good habits to build upon. Get the tools to take control of your personal health, weight, and energy. Nourishing yourself successfully is liberating and necessary to be your healthiest you.