What is a health coach and how do they differ from other healthcare providers?

A nutritionist or dietitian gives you a list of foods to eat and a list of what not to eat. Then you’re on your own to make it happen. A doctor prescribes meds for your symptoms, but probably does not treat the root cause.  A therapist has no timeline for your goals, so there is no end in sight. A therapist might ask about your childhood; a health coach will ask what you had for breakfast and how you nourish yourself. Health coaching is a transformational process between coach and client. The health coach holds a safe space for you - almost meditative - so you can express, experience greater self-rawareness, share authentically and manifest your intentions.  A health coach is a nutritionist, a spiritual advisor, and a life coach, all in one.  

What’s the value of working with a health coach? 

Health coaching is a proven program. A program with a timeline for achieving your specific individual goals. It's a 6 month program that works. Why six months? Because six months is a proven time frame for experiencing your health transformation. And just about anything that can happen, happens, in a six month period. You might get sick, your mother-in-law visits, the holidays happen, work is stressful, and relationships ebb and flow. A health coach will support you and keep you accountable through it all. Working with a coach twice a month helps you stick with it.  When times get tough, your coach pulls you back up onto the health train. After the six month program you will have the confidence and the know-how to get back on the train -- yourself.

What do you have to gain by working with a health coach?

You will gain:
Balanced weight, youthful energy, better sleep, fit into your clothes, newfound confidence, feel fed, not full. tools to transform, cooking skills,nutrition knowledge.

You will lose, Buh-bye: 
Extra weight, sugar cravings, food addictions, stress from feeling powerless, brain fog, food comas, guilt about junk food, burdening anxiety, uncomfortable digestion, irregular elimination.

Which Rawception program is best for you?
As a professional health coach, I’m passionate about providing women a safe space to be heard, understood and move out of old stories and unhealthy patterns. I specialize in women's health, particularly women at midlife, who struggle with finding balance in their life with weight, energy, sugar cravings, stress, anxiety, and hormones.

What is a health history?
It’s a complimentary 45 minute chat for you and me to get acquainted and review your health wishes, issues, and goals. It helps us evaluate what’s been working for you and what’s not. The health history form is an opportunity for you determine if working with me is a good fit for you and it’s also a benchmark for later review, as you become your healthiest you.

You set a goal, you get a goal.
Diet and nutritional needs are very individual, just like you. And they are ever changing throughout different chapters of life. What works for one person, effects the next person differently. What works for one person at twenty five effects the same person differently at forty five.

Together is better.
I'll provide you with 100% focus, support, accountability and guidance. If you're committed to making your health a priority, then we can make it happen. Whenever you're ready, I'm here to help you find the balance to meet your weight and wellness goals. You and me; it's a recipe for success.


The Balanced You Plan I Two day Diet & Wellness Coaching.

This two day intensive program is 4 hours per day. It’s a hands-on, in-person plan, where we go healthy food shopping, find out which aisles are healthy and what to avoid, learn how to read food labels, Get a fridge and pantry makeover, and best of all, get private chef instruction in your kitchen to execute Rawception recipes. It is the perfect way to answer your all your questions, jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle and get introduced to many new recipes. It’s the basic building block we all need for a foundation of diet, health and wellness.

*Requires that you're in New York City. 
*Optional one day, 4 hour intensive can be customized.


  • Free Rawception Energy Ebook Module 1
  • Fridge Audit
  • Pantry Set Up
  • Health Food Grocery Shopping *Does not include cost of groceries.
  • Travel and Restaurant Tips
  • Private Chef Instruction your Home
  • 45 minute Complimentary Health History Session

The Elevate You Plan I Three month health coaching.

This three-month coaching series is designed to guide you to a new path of radiant health. This time frame will allow you to add in real food to crowd out the bad stuff, reset your taste buds, and naturally eliminate sugar and carb cravings to reduce your weight. Seven sessions allows your body and mind the time for cleansing so you can see and feel it for yourself. In this time, your new vision of health will solidify and making healthy choices will become second nature.


  • One, 45 minute complimentary health history session
  • Six,  minute sessions (2 per month)
  • Rawception Ebook Modules 1 and 2
  • Scroll down to see additional add on services

The Whole You Plan I Six month health coaching.

Six months is the optimal time frame for a successful lifestyle shift to take hold. It’s a process to feel and see your body respond while you initiate lasting changes. Six months of accountability, support and practice helps you stay on course and allows you to reap the highest benefit and reward from your new state of energy, wellness and self actualization. Learning about nutrition, food and “soul food” will lead you to become your most confident and healthy you.


  • One,  45 minute complimentary health history session
  • Twelve, 50 minute phone or video sessions (2 per month)
  • Rawception Ebook Modules 1, 2 and 3
  • Scroll dow to see additional add on services

Find out how I can guide you.

Fridge & Pantry Audit

Let's go through what's currently in your fridge and purge all the bad stuff that no longer serves you. Let's add in all the healthy things and make your fridge to go-to place to make quick and delicious meals and snacks. When all your choices are good choices, you never have to say no.
Add on: $195

Grocery Know How

Let's head to the health food store and I'll show you which items are truly good for you and which are not. What are the right aisles and which aisles to avoid for efficient shopping. Learn to read ingredient lists and find out what ingredients to avoid. 
Add on: $195

Fridge & Pantry Set Up

Having what you need on hand is
essential to conveniently eat right. Fill
your refrigerator and pantry shelves for success. Wet goods, dry goods, sweeteners, oils, packaged goods, and basic kitchen equipment. 
Add on: $195

Culinary Instruction

Private or semi private culinary instruction in your kitchen. Learn how
to follow recipes, understand mise en place, ingredient lists, and how to substitute ingredients. Does not include cost of groceries. *Not included with programs.
Add on: $95 per hour

Travel Tips

Sustain optimal digestion and nutrition while you're  away from home. What to pack to eat on the plane, what to put in your suitcase, how to hack a restaurant menu, what to avoid, and what questions to ask the server and chef. 
Included in the program

Why energy food? 

Learn about: Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, super foods, super herbs, water, probiotics, alkaline vs. acid blood levels, and bioavailability. Understand the basics of a plant based diet.
Included in the program


What you can expect from working with me.

Learn the basics

The good news is it’s simpler than you think to begin the process. It’s a series of easy steps to add in energy food and then momentum builds. Lets identify your health and lifestyle goals. Then
I'll guide you through an achievable strategy to improve your overall health.

Apply what you learn

Develop skills to support your new lifestyle shift. Gain the basic knowledge and practical tools to achieve your diet and lifestyle goals. Form a solid foundation that will keep you on the path to wellness to become your most energetic and alive you. 

Reach your goals

Your body will detoxify, reset your taste buds, eliminate old cravings, create crystal clarity for your mind and emotios and heighten your senses. Your positivity and spirit will soar as you get into the flow.