Rawception hopes to empower you to put your health first because ther's no better investment than you.

Rawception’s health philosophy is that it’s all about youthful energy and aliveness rather than numbers such as age, or size. I’m passionate about inspiring you to become your healthiest self because I truly care about your health on every level.
— Nicolle Kate

Adding good things into our life is always a wise choice. The first step to achieving raw energy is to add in as many vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, legumes and fresh fruit as possible without subtracting anything from your current diet. By adding in naturally high nutrient, low calorie food, your body will quickly begin to crowd out cravings for sugar, bad carbs, unhealthy fats, and processed foods. Let your body do the work for you. All you have to do is add in!


Are all calories created equal? Why should I choose a 100 calorie organic honey crisp apple instead of a package of 100 calorie oreo bites? The science of epigenetics clearly shows that all food is information and function for our cells. Each type of calorie behaves very differently inside the body. Food is the information that tells our cells how they should be expressed. The apple tells our cells to have healthy function, while the oreo cookies tells our cells to get sick. Food communicates on a cellular level and our bodies take that information and behave accordingly. Which is to say, we are what we eat because we can control how our genes express themselves.


Adding in organic raw food can help lift our spirits by triggering serotonin levels leaving us with a sense of happiness. Berries, apples, bananas, beets, artichokes, avocado, almonds, walnuts, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, asparagus. string beans and many more, contain natural serotonin stimulants. Energetically, these foods are light and cool which can lighten our body and spirit. Too much food from heavy lethargic animals and processed food can leave us with a heavy heart and body.


There are so many diet books on the market. Each plan boasts faster and better results than the next. All of these diet promises could be achieved briefly, but typically cannot be sustained over time. Eating all the colors of the rainbow is an easy way to know we’re getting a good nutrient balance. The phytonutrients that comprise the color of the food itself is the most nutritious part of the food. Each color provides a different healing property that our bodies need every day. It’s nature’s way of color coding our food to help us find balance on our plate, as well as in our life.


There are two kinds of food. The food we eat and what I call soul food. Soul food is the way we feed or nourish ourselves around exercise, relationships, career, creative expression and spiritual wisdom. Broccoli alone cannot help us find balance, health and purpose in our life. Soul food nourishes us in ways that are vital to our overall health and wellbeing. It’s a mind, body and spirit connection.


The Five Elements


Wood represents inception. It is the beginning of life, the leader within us that can take charge and determine a plan of action. Inception seeks to grow and expand and in doing so pioneers a philosophy to live by.


Water represents Rawception. It ebbs and flows waves of feminine energy producing the intelligence and stillness to live in the moment and the masculine strength required for progress and forward motion. The earth also represents conservation and using resources wisely.


Metal represents perception. An inward energy where consciousness and feelings flow together. The metal aspect is the diamond within us. Perception is the understanding of our true essence and self worth.


Fire represents exception. It is strength, conviction and persistence. It provides creativity, warmth and enthusiasm. Exception is the confidence to become your true self and follow your passions.


Earth represents reception. The planetary motion draws all things together bringing nurturing and stability. The balance inspires patience and thoughtfulness as well as hard work and success. Reception brings all beloved things close.